Sculpture by Vesna Kittelson

Babel Tower,       mixed media installation      10' x 10' x 12'       2013

portraits paintings commissions by Vesna Kittelson

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Babel Tower



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Mrs. Darwin's Garden, Book One

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In order to depict the side of human nature that brings instability, I re-imagined the biblical theme of the TOWER OF BABEL, an ancient myth that resonates in today's world of many languages and misunderstandings between cultures.

The conceptual installation BABEL TOWER is comprised of six plinths holding cut and shaped foreign language dictionaries covered with encaustic, strings and rubber bands, iron, copper leaf, aged wood, adhesive letters; a display cabinet TWICE BORN which is filled with expired passports, immigration-naturalization documents (including a war release card of Japanese prisoner); and a suspended commercial model airplane BORDER CROSSING, covered with cancelled stamps.