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Mrs. Darwin's Garden, Book One,       artist's book      10" x 88" x 1"       2014

portraits paintings commissions by Vesna Kittelson

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Mrs. Darwin's Garden, Book One

Mrs. Darwin's Garden, Book Two

Mrs. Darwin's Garden, Book Two

It is widely believed that Charles Darwin avoided publishing his theory of evolution for more than 20 years. Many explanations have been proposed to identify Darwin’s reasons or motives for doing so. While there is no clear evidence, one of the possible reasons was the fact that Darwin did not wish to upset his wife Emma, who in the religious tradition of Victorian England believed that god was above everything and cherished belief in the afterlife.

Although Charles and Emma Darwin did not share the same deep religious faith, their marriage was one of love, respect, understanding and mutual support. Charles wrote to Emma before their wedding: “I think you will humanize me, and soon teach me there is greater happiness, than building theories and accumulating facts in silence and solitude.” Charles Darwin and Emma married in 1839.

Throughout their marriage the Darwins found Emma’s excellent piano playing and strolling together through their gardens their most enjoyable regular activities.

Darwin died in Emma’s arms in 1882.