Da Vinci and the Drone, installation      mixed media      9' x 14' x 12'       2014

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In the installation DaVinci and the Drone, I contrast the idealism of Leonardo DaVinci's concept of a flying machine (motivated by beauty and curiosity) with a spy drone. The key element is based on a kit for a flying scale model drone (7ft. wing span). The box in which the drone arrived was labeled — this is not a toy — and indeed, if fully equipped, this drone could fly approximately 20 miles and spy on people using its miniature video camera.

In this composition/sculpture/installation, I mix ink/paint drawings made on parchment paper of parts of a drone with drawings inspired by sketches in DaVinci's notebooks. The model drone itself is also decorated with drawings based on DaVinci's notebooks. A video display streaming live images from the drone camera, and a wing sculpture based on DaVinci's drawings are also part of this installation. While the drone is painted army green-gray, the drawings based on DaVinci's flying machines are done in sepia tones.